Chi Woodruff

Sr. Product Manager

Chi Woodruff is a Sr. Product Manager at RELiON Battery. Chi's experience includes product management in distribution and manufacturing industries along with a history of analysis, product launches, rebranding and life-cycle management in the battery industry. In his free time, Chi is an avid runner and pacer at many races in Southern California.

Fun Facts:

  • I challenge my limits by: Finding new projects to work on that I haven’t before. Gain new experience and expand my battery and product knowledge.
  • My favorite RELiON application: I really don’t have a favorite, I’m equally fascinated by all of them. If you me to choose, I would say RV and Solar.
  • The best part of working at RELiON: Working with a group of professionals where everyone is equally engaged and invested in the success of the organization.