Next Level Lithium

RV owners today are upgrading to lithium batteries due to the many advantages over traditional lead-acid alternatives. RELiON lithium iron phosphate batteries fit all types of recreational vehicles and deliver the dependable power needed for life on or off the grid. Lightweight, durable and maintenance-free, our batteries charge quickly, store safely, and withstand the harshest temperatures and conditions.

Lithium Advantages

Compared to lead-acid and other lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries offer significant advantages, including improved discharge and charge efficiency, longer life span and the ability to deep cycle while maintaining power. LiFePO4 batteries often come with a higher price tag, but a much better cost over the life of the product. No maintenance and super long life make them a worthwhile investment and a smart long-term solution.

Constant Power

RELiON lithium batteries provide long-lasting energy for all your essential and non-essential devices and appliances. In addition, they can be charged more quickly using standard plug-in, alternator, generator, or solar systems. Partial charging does not affect performance, and a low self-discharge rate means worry-free storage.

Zero Maintenance

RELiON lithium batteries are maintenance free – no watering; no corrosion.

Drop-in Replacement

RELiON lithium batteries are available in a variety of BCI standard sizes for easy drop-in replacement.


RELiON lithium batteries provide more power than traditional lead-acid batteries and are typically half the weight.

Temperature Tolerant

RELiON lithium batteries are designed to perform in harsh conditions – freezing cold or scorching heat.


RELiON lithium batteries are the ultimate clean energy. No gassing, no fumes and no pollution. Enjoy reliable power, while protecting the environment, using these non-hazardous batteries.

Increased Usable Capacity

Lithium batteries have more hours of power. With 25-50% higher capacity than lead acid batteries with full power throughout discharge lithium batteries eliminate the voltage sag that is all too common with lead acid.

High Performance

Built to last, designed to perform, premium RELiON lithium batteries deliver unsurpassed performance. We back this claim with a comprehensive, 10-year warranty.

Work with the Leaders in Lithium

Our passion for quality, innovation, and changing the lithium battery market is a mission that starts at the top and permeates everything we do. Through hard work and humility, talented teams trained to the highest industry standards, and genuine care and concern for our partners, we know RELiON can help drive your business forward. We’ve been in the battery business over 25 years and have learned how to build on success. Partner with RELiON and we’ll work closely with you to build on yours. Not just by supplying batteries, but also with unmatched service, training and on-going support.

Our Products

RELiON has one of the largest LiFePO4 product offerings available in a variety of BCI standard sizes for easy drop-in replacement.

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The InSight Series™ 12V-LT

Our superior InSight Series in a 12V Low-Temperature technology! The InSight 12V is a GC2 size lithium iron phosphate battery perfect for all classes of RVs. A powerhouse lithium battery capable of 2,048 watts continuous, so you can run more appliances for longer periods of time.

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Our Mission

To power the world's transition to Lithium energy storage, ethically.

When you become a RELiON customer, know that you have a talented team of experts behind you. At RELiON, we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining long-term relationships with members of our supply chain, original equipment manufacturers, distributors, and end-users.

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A Brand Within NAVICO Group By Brunswick

We are proud to be a part of Brunswick's NAVICO Group which consists of leading brands in advanced batteries, electrical power management, digital control & monitoring, and networked systems & devices for the RV, marine, specialty vehicle, and other industries.