4 Reasons Why Solar Power/Lithium Combos Are The Future

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4 Reasons Why Solar Power/Lithium Combos Are The Energy Solutions Of The Future

solar-power-lithium-combos-are-the-futureSolar power is already a major force in U.S. energy generation, and with the advent of even more available options for lithium-ion batteries, the two are quickly becoming the must-have combination for all your energy needs.

But this powerful partnership is more than just a passing trend or fad – it’s the future of off-the-grid energy.

What makes the combined strength of solar panels and lithium power so future-oriented? Here are four of the many reasons why you should be plugging into the combination of solar power and lithium:

Reason #1: Low-Resistance Charging

Lithium-ion batteries are a perfect match for solar energy. This is because lithium batteries require low-resistance charging, which is precisely the power that solar panels provide. As a result, very little energy is wasted in the charging process.

In addition, lithium batteries charge faster in general, making solar panel arrays a better choice for charging since their use is limited to daylight hours.

Reason #2: Longer Life Cycle

Lithium-ion solar batteries have a much longer life span than other battery power solutions, with a life cycle that’s ten times the length of lead acid batteries. Not only does this mean you have longer lasting, consistent power, but it’s also good news for your solar power/lithium combined setup.

Since the initial installation of a solar power system is so time intensive, you want a battery that matches the life cycle of your solar panels and doesn’t require frequent maintenance or replacement. Because both solar power and lithium batteries have longer life cycles, they’re well matched to provide you with consistent energy over the long term.

Reason #3: Cost Savings Over Time

Traditional lead acid batteries aren’t as expensive as lithium-ion solutions. But once you factor in the cost of frequent replacement, lead acid batteries are easily the most expensive batteries on the market. This doesn’t even take into account the investments of time and effort or any installer costs, which may be even higher with frequent replacement.

Lithium batteries, on the other hand, save you time and money throughout their life span. While initially more expensive, their return on investment in energy savings, ease of use, length of life cycle and streamlined replacement all translate into higher cost savings in the long run. Once you combine these savings with free solar power, the best investment choice is clear.

Reason #4: Virtually Maintenance Free

Unlike other battery solutions, lithium-ion batteries don’t require you to check or increase water levels every three months. Also, lithium batteries are much more portable than lead acid batteries, making them easier to move or change when needed.

Furthermore, lithium power is clean, reducing your maintenance worries. Unlike lead acid batteries, which may create harmful gases when stored in poorly ventilated areas, there’s no need to worry about gaseous toxic buildup from lithium power solutions.

The power generated from your solar arrays is just as clean as lithium power and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, unlike traditional power sources that may have a larger carbon footprint.

The combination of solar power with lithium batteries is the best energy solution for today and for tomorrow. From low-resistance charging to greater time and cost savings, the solar/lithium partnership puts your energy worries to rest.

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